Wedding Party

Serena Chow

Mother of the Bride

Serena is the Mother of the Bride. She was from China and studied nursing at a local university. Shortly after two years of nurse residency she left her country and career behind to move to Mexico then to San Francisco. She raised two curious George and made sure their everyday was a DisneyLand day. She enjoys stuffing people with food and cracking jokes.

Fun Fact: Her English name was named after the Bride’s favorite cartoon character from Sailor Moon.

Alan Chow

Father of the Bride

Alan is the Father of the Bride. He was from China and moved to Mexico in his mid-20s for work. He is a tough cookie when it comes to meeting the Bride’s male friends during her teenage years. He has a passion in pouring tea and packing fruits for people.

Fun Fact: He only likes Chinese food and pretty darn good at bowling given zero training.

Thomas Wang

Father of the Groom

Thomas is the Groom’s goofy Dad. He grew up in Taiwan and studied engineering and went from nerdy new kid on the block to the New Enterprise CTO at Motorola. He would go on to become CEO of a consumer electronics company only to fall victim to Apple’s dominance in the mp3 arena. He spends a lot of time reading and coming up with new ideas. His goofy nature often gets him scolded by his wife and sons, and tragically, this trait has spread to the groom.

Fun Fact: He holds over 100 patents, get a life sheesh

Joe Wang

Mother of the Groom

Joe is the groom’s Mom with a male’s name. She also grew up in Taiwan and moved to the United States to continue her studies. She works as an Engineer in Chicago, and frequently travels the world for work (or so she says).

Fun Fact: She enjoys cooking and shopping and buying unnecessary clothes to her sons that they never wear.

Yu-Jiang Tham

Best Man

Yu-Jiang grew up in Canada and moved to the United States, where he met his soulmate, the Groom. The Groom and Yu-Jiang have had frequent investment journeys together, from looking at real estate together to starting a team that specializes in Crypto. He currently works at Snapchat where he contemplates what house to buy next.

Fun Fact: Don’t let Yu-Jiang and the Groom take over at karaoke, you will never get the mic back.

Thomas Manville


Thomas met the Groom when he interned at Cisco and attended the same college. The Groom made his first Cisco video with Tom, and from then on, they really clicked. After crashing at Tom’s apartment every time on business trips, they ended up hanging out on a regular basis from going to karaoke to exploring Tom’s start-up adventures.

Fun Fact: He missed two company exits because of “better opportunities”, don’t worry Tom, third time’s the charm.

Tony Chen


Tony met the Groom at Cisco at a BBQ beach party, he also went to the same college. Tony’s journey of meeting his wife, talking to her in China for so many years, happened while living with the Groom. He is a developer and great singer.

Fun Fact: He has a pet lizard, and once a full bag of crickets got loose in the household and he and Jeff had to go find them all.

Nara Kim


Nara is one of Jeff's most recent friends and one of his most experienced (which means he's older than the rest). As a business partner and drinking partner, Nara has become a close friend to Jeff over the past few years.

Fun Fact: He is the only single groomsman so look for him at the Grooms King‘s table.

Max Wang


Max is the little brother of the Groom and also their grandparents favorite child. He has lived in the same room with Jeff for many many years in the past. Max has had many of the same interests as Jeff while growing up, such as making movies, karaoke, and having kung-fu fights with Jeff every day. Jeff is now trying to catch up with Max on Ping Pong. One day Max got an MBA and Jeff realized he had fallen behind, thus, Jeff is currently in school. Max currently works as a consultant and loves traveling the world and...sushi.

Fun Fact: He used to be the English tutor to Zhang Yining, who holds 4 gold medals in 2 olympics for China's Ping Pong team.

Martha Chow

Matron of Honor

Martha is the older sister of the Bride. She was born in Mexico and ruled her kingdom from 1986 but was overthrown shortly after the Bride was born in 1987. Martha was the Bride’s shield when it comes to bullies growing up. Both the Bride and Martha entertained each other with cat fights most of their lives and signed a peace treaty after buying a house together. She enjoys cooking Asian food, watching dramas and horror movies.

Fun Fact: She is a clean freak and saran wraps her remote controls.

Priscilla Chiu


Priscilla and the Bride met in college freshmen year and they have been friends for over 10+ years. Priscilla worked in Hong Kong for a short period of time and has kept the long-distance friendship on fire by texting/calling the Bride at midnight. Together they share the same career, birth month/year, and zodiac.

Fun Fact: She likes to take a lot of pictures. So beware of her kodak moments.

Jean Kim[chi] Chung


Jean and the Bride met while studying aboard in Hong Kong. Jean was the Bride’s life of the party during their early 20s and yet the most studious person during class. She was one of the many girls who taught the Bride how to dress up for school clubbing events [that flip flops were a no-no]. Both Jean and Bride remain very close friends despite living 400+ miles apart.

Fun Fact: She is quite nerdy, loves Korean dramas and enjoys sipping wine.

Christine Jiang


Christine and the Bride met during work and they have been friends ever since. Christine grew up in Chicago and moved to San Francisco and then became the mother of Tofu (her doggie). She enjoys traveling and running marathons around the world. She also participates in dragon boat. Both Christine and the Bride have traveled to Indonesian, Vietnam and Taiwan together.

Fun Fact: She can water ski, surf and sings very well.

Lillian Sun


Lillian and the Bride met through their mutual friend. Lillian was from Taiwan and lived in Singapore for work. She is the most organized traveler, enjoys chill hang out nights and loves her veggies. She is the coolest Buddhist and knows a lot about Fung Shi. Both Lillian and Bride have been friends for over 8 years and traveled to Indonesian and Taiwan together.

Fun Fact: A major traveler to the most beautiful cities and countries. She has been to Cuba, Thailand, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Norway, you name it!
Kelly Schmidt