Ana and Jeff

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Our Story

On July 2013, Jeff saw Ana across the room at the romantic Marquee night club in Vegas. Jeff was very shy, but smoothly came over and said "Uhhhh Hi my name is Jeff" [heart beating 50mph]. Ana immediately thought, wow this guy is dorky and too young for me, but perhaps I can get a free drink at the sacrifice of giving up my Facebook. One year later Jeff finally got Ana to agree to be his girlfriend, and they experienced many new things together, as well as terrible luck on many world adventures. Jeff found romance by buying Ana a lawnmower and mowing the lawn when she got mad, printing out photo books of trips, and letting her have free rent, even though Ana offered him a palace to stay. Ana also did her part by providing leftovers to Jeff who is always eating for some reason. Jeff finally proposed to Ana by bending his knee at Horseshoe Bend, in front of his parents to discourage her from saying no. Today things are more exciting than ever, with Jeff in debt because of school and the two of them both living and working right in the city.

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Kelly Schmidt